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  Sound Ford of Seattle / Renton spams and pays $500 to avoid lawsuit
Sound Ford of Renton, Washington pays for sending spam.
Sound Ford spam check

  On April 25th 2002, Sound Ford of Renton sent spam to Don Smith, a Washington State resident in violation of Washington's anti-spam law. On the preceding 2 days Sound Ford sent postal junk mail to the same resident proving beyond a doubt that they were targeting WA State residents.
  The Washington State Attorney General had sued a spammer in Oregon and in 2002 obtained a judgment of $98,197.74 ... a large figure that Sound Ford and Boyd F. Buckingham seemed to miss.

  On May 16th, 2002 Sound Ford's, attorney Boyd F. Buckingham offered to settle the matter for $500.00 and failed to follow up on his offer.

  On September 5th, 2003 Mr. Smith received a 2nd settlement offer of $500.00 from Boyd F. Buckingham along with a release to sign. Mr. Boyd Buckingham was asked to strike 2 sentences from the release, he then consulted with the spam house itself and believing everything he was told, arrived at the stunning legal opinion that Sound Ford's spam was indeed legal and failed to do anything. For the 2nd time he made a settlement offer of $500 and failed to settle the simple matter .
  After 2 failed settlement offers Smith had no choice but to file a small claims suit for their admitted violation of the law and spamming.

  Smith received an out of court settlement with no release to sign, $500 in damages, $21.00 in court filing fee's and $4.42 in postal fee's for serving the lawsuit to the owner of Sound Ford, Richard Snyder.

  Smith commented: " I even get spam in Chinese. For all I know someone in Hong Kong is trying to sell me a Ford. "

  A few things were puzzling. In 1998 Aurora Nissan in Seattle spammed people and there were pickets in the street with wide media coverage. Why Sound Ford didn't learn that lesson in 1998 is bit disturbing.

  Why Boyd F. Buckingham made two different offers to settle the matter and failed to do anything is a bit odd. But then Mr. Buckingham is a divorce and personal injury lawyer (in the US personal injury lawyers are commonly called "ambulance chasers") so telecommunications law may have been a bit outside of his area of expertise.
  The total for Sound Fords willful spamming was $525.42, any fee's paid to the spam house they hired and all legal fee's from their attorney.

  Sound Ford is no stranger to fines. In 2002 they failed to transfer 7 car titles within the proper 45 day time frame and paid the state of Washington $7,000.00 in fines. The legal term for this is: "Oops".

  Smith has never bought a Ford in his life and drives a 1969 Saab.

Press Contacts: Don Smith
Boyd F. Buckingham, registered agent for Sound Ford, Inc.
Richard Snyder, owner of Sound Ford