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  Two times the attorney for Sound Ford, Boyd F. Buckingham offered to settle for $500.00 and did absolutely nothing so a small claims lawsuit was filed. See the check from Sound Ford when they finally understood that spamming people is simply a bad business practice. SPAM's & then threatens WA Resident

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From: "Peter Falk" <>
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Subject: spamming
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 15:21:08 -0400
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I assume that this e-mail is going to <name>.
It is in regard to your complaint about receiving e-mail notifications
from, S.A.

Please be advised that you have been telephoning and connecting to, Inc. in the U.S. We are an entirely separate corporation
with functions different from the parent company. We have absolutely
nothing to do with, and no control whatsoever, over the e-mails that may
be sent from, S.A. in France to people active in the art

[ The SPAM asks you to visit a certain site, when you click on "Contact" and call to ask to be removed from their SPAM list, then they start to complain. Then the denials begin, although every piece of SPAM directs anyone to their site asking you to call 800-278-4274 or fax 203 245 5116. You call at their request and they complain, trying to claim themselves as the victim of their own request. ]

We are simply an editorial office, primarily charged with providing
customer support to subscribers to the website and/or the CD-ROM. Your
series of phone calls, which are now formally documented harassment of
an innocent person, Veronika Roessler, must stop. Please be assured
that if you continue this illegal and immoral behavior, we will pursue
every legal avenue available to us in order to secure a judgment against

[ " simply an editorial office " is a false and misleading claim. is a large company that happened to buy the assets of Sound View Publishing in CT from Peter H. Falk. When the stock was first sold it around 60 Euros, as of 02.07.03 it's worth .80 CENTS, I hope Mr. Falk got cash and not stock options because the stock absolutly went under water. The SPAM directs any victim to where the contact information leads you directly to Veronika Roessler, a German citizen living in the US. It is quite plausable that the FTC and your State AG's office interface with INS records for the officers and employees of the French holding company who try to enter the country to conduct thier Spamming activities. ]

The bottom line is that we have forwarded your request to France and
that is as far as our obligation goes. We have no further influence or
technical ability to stop any e-mails that you have allegedly received
from in France. If you wish to contact someone in upper
management in France, send your complaints directly to the Director of
Marketing, Josette Mey at:

I hope you can understand that we have done all that we can do from our
end. We are not your target.

[ this is the most amusing part because according to their own Press Release from France:
" Acquisition by (NM 7478)., floated in January on the Nouveau Marché of the Bourse de Paris (7478), has announced that it has signed a letter of intent for a strategic acquisition in the US. The target is Peter Hasting Falk Inc, owners of Sound View Press. This publishing house was created in 1975 and edits such prestigious art reference works as the three-volume "Who was who in American Art", containing 65,000 biographies of American artists from 1564 until today. has acquired all of Sound View's specialist data bases, greatly enriching its resources in the process. The new data bases cover, among other specialisms: American art experts, signatures and monograms, American exhibitions, indexed catalogues, supplies and the restoration or conservation of work. has also strengthened its in-house expertise by naming Peter Hasting Falk, much-respected author and specialist in the US art world as editor-in-chief and head of the company's US operations. thus continues its development strategy aiming to become the world's premier online provider of reference material for the art market. The latest purchase, funded from the flotation, opens a major new phase in's development in the US. "
Evidently Mr. Falk was bought out, made a huge sum of money (if he took cash instead of stock), is on the payroll, and is part and parcel of a large SPAM scheme targeting people in the US. Yet he denies having any influence with the parent company in France. ]

So, now your horrible threats to a fine human being must stop. If you have the ability for some introspective thinking you will realize and accept the fact that your actions are the mark of a simple bully hiding behind the security of the internet cloak. Rather than transfer your anger to an innocent and kind woman, I suggest you try to understand the misguidance of your actions and try to correct them.


Peter Hastings Falk, Editor View Press
P.O. Box 833
Madison, CT 06443
Tel: 203.245.4761
Fax: 203.245.5116

[ It's too bad Mr. Falk was bought out, functions as part of and yet can't configure his mailer beyond his account to reflect his new function and position. ]

Peter H. Falk 203-245-4761
Boston Post Rd
Madison, CT 06443

Veronika Roessler 203-457-1307
S. Hoop Pole Rd
Guilford, CT 06437

Press Contacts:
Josette Mey
04 78 22 00 00

Mathieu Calleux
01 53 65 37 91

Known Technicians:

JF Perrin ( (Jeff)
Christophe Ravier (

A peek into how they work:

From: Christophe Ravier (
Subject: Web farms on 2000 advanced server cluster and SQL server 2000
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet
Date: 2002-06-21 08:56:44 PST

Hi all,

I have set up 2 applications (web sites) on a windows 2000 advanced server
cluster with session state in a SQL server 2000.
Each application responds to a different DNS (for example : A site responds
to titi.bil and B to toto.bil)

If I run the appli A with titi.bil it works, but when I go to A appli the
global.asax is in error (apparently, applications variables aren't
instancied or are common to the 2 appli ???).

After doing the well-known "iisreset", I can run B appli but it's the A
appli who doesn't work (with the samt kind of error in global.asx)

Let me know if someone already encouters the problem or if anyone has an


Christophe Ravier

 Developing Story:
Sound Ford of Renton, WA, SPAM's WA State Resident
Received: from ( []) by (8.12.1/8.12.1) with ESMTP id g3PIdutj024481 for ; Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:39:56 -0700 Received: from ([]) by (8.9.3+Sun/8.9.3) with SMTP id LAA03011 for ‹spammed address›; Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:39:57 -0700 (PDT)
X-Mailer: IntraMail
Myheader: IntraMail From: "Sound Ford"
To: ‹spammed address›
Subject: Ford Factory Disbursement Notice
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 14:58:45 -0400
Message-ID: <1efe01c1ec8b$39671230$36c8a8c0@imail3>
MIME-Version: 1.0 Thread-Index: AcHsizllHUUQl8SHT6+pfk9CeJpBLQ== X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.50.4522.1200
X-PMFLAGS: 570950016 0 1 P6E2F0.CNM
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable "You are receiving this message because you recently registered with a partner website and opted in to receive special online offers"


*Good credit-Bad credit-No credit
*Past repossession *Tax liens-Divorce
*Bankruptcy/Slow pay
*We can help . . .

Participating Dealer(s):
209 S.W. 13th St.,
(1/4 mile from main dealership)
Renton WA 98055

Dates of Disbursement:
APRIL 26-27-28

Visit our promotional webpage for details, plus . . . Click on the link below to see if you are eligible to be one of our Grand Prize Winners! O= 15835

To unsubscribe please click on the link below: ‹highly questionable removal link›

Day 1) Legal postal junk mail with prize promotion which does disclose the Odds of Winning.

Day 2) Legal and different postal junk mail from Sound Ford disclosing the Odds of Winning. Yet more evidence that Sound Ford that targets WA State residents.

Day 3) Spam from Sound Ford. Evidence that Sound Ford knows they are Spamming a WA State resident. Illegal Spam from Sound Ford sent to a WA State resident. Problem being it's a prize promotion with no “Odds of Winning“ disclosed.

Offer 1) Their attorney offers to settle for $500 and does nothing.

Offer 2) The attorney again offers to settle for $500 and sends a release. When 1-2 sentances are asked to be striken he consults with the spammer himself and believes everything he's told. Coming to an astounding legal opinion that Sound Ford spam was quite legal.

Sound Ford is sued) After seeing their attorney make 2 offers to settle for $500 and do nothing, a small claims suit is filed in King County, Washington State.

Sound Ford offers again to settle) Since they are now being taken to court their lawyer now makes an offer to settle for $500 along with $21 in court filing fees and $4.xx in certified delivery fees for a total of $525.xx .

  CobWeb CEO Richard Lancaster explains his UCE tactics

CobWeb, a company in WA State sent UCE to me. The CEO, Richard Lancaster's explanation of how the sales force went looking for people in WA State to send UCE to is quite amazing and enlightening.
  WA State Attorney General Sues Spammer

On Thursday, October 23rd 1998, the Washington State Attorney General filed the first lawsuit against a spammer. Read the official press release.

Read the Court complaint, a Word Document that's 28K in size.
(Note: using View | Page Layout retains all formatting information)

Text version, unformatted


If you live in Washington State be sure to visit the site from the AG's office describing your rights, so you can register your email address and file a complaint.


Note: All Unsolicited Commercial Email, Unsolicited Bulk Email and Spam is automatically forwarded to the WA State Attorney General. This site is hosted in Washington State.