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Assistance for AOL users

We specialize in web graphics, site and page design, photography, promotion, translations to & from English - French and HTML upgrades/proofing. Use the form and checkboxes below to indicate the services you're interested in.
Feel free to review our portfolio and the work we've done for the Award winning SkyLight Gallery. Briefly describe your project and then simply use the Submit button. If your browser doesn't support forms, tables or you don't get a reply within 48 hours then email art@1world-design.com
Another portfolio piece, an early International project done in 5 different languages that was completed via fax, postal mail, email and yes... actual voice calls you can visit Variante 2. We consult on an International scale in several different time zones and enjoy working with people from different cultures.

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This is for our Web site Intranet
Page and Site authoring Online resume
Translations by a native speaker,
to or from English - French
Site hosting
Interactive forms HTML Tables
Digital Image processing of gif's, jpg's, logos,
Web graphics +
Graphic design and layout
Realistic or abstract, silver based photography Copywriting or text creation
Corrections to American English Multilingual pages using your own text
Advertise / Promote your pages via robots/indices Refresh / Update your online ads
Update / proof your HTML Integrating existing business models with your Web presence
Full color, high resolution color prints at 720 dpi Seminars and training
Project Description, deadline, budget, special needs:

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